Therapies for Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual coaching is a counseling process in which Patti communicates with Spirit to support rapid healing and change.  In these sessions Patti primarily uses Theta Healing, a form of rapid energy healing that promotes emotional, physical and spiritual change, growth and healing. Mediumship sessions can help the grief process through communication that confirms loving connections with those who have passed.

By releasing the limiting core beliefs, negative emotions and unhealthy patterns that create illnesses and problems in our lives, changes occur spontaneously.  Clients report new-found feelings of inner peace, confidence and happiness, and often describe the healing experience as "amazing" and "a miracle." 

With guidance from Spirit, Patti pinpoints the often unconscious beliefs and issues that are holding you back in life. Patti works with Creator to remove limiting beliefs and feelings, and replace them with loving expansive thoughts, feelings and perspectives that can instantly bring about the changes you desire in your life.   

For further information on Theta Healing, click here.